Field Notes

Tracking down all my field notes was a little bit of a task. They are everywhere. From sticky notes in the pages of my planner, to the notepad I keep on my nightstand. I tried to jot down a thought right away when I noticed myself doing something note worthy while using social media. One thing that I noticed a lot in my notes was that I would watch youtube only if I was eating alone. Whenever my roommate was home and we ate together youtube was never on. I also noticed that a lot of my notes contained the word “mindless.” A lot of my mindless scrolling took place on the train during my commute. In general a lot of my social media use felt and feels mindless. I’ve been quite busy since school started with classes and my job. I work 10 hours a week in front of a computer. I was surprised that during these 10 hours I logged very few field notes: quick Instagram checks (snuck on my phone), or using Facebook to post for my job. I don’t know if people use social media much at work, as this is my first real office job where I am actually doing work. Another thing I found notable was my cumulative time spent on social networks. I always thought that I was spending hours and hours on Facebook. To my delight this was not true! A lot of my visits were a minute or less; scrolling quickly to see what was going on in the world, then logging off. I do that a lot: log off. I’m not so sure if that is normal behavior on social media, but it is just a part of my routine.


Nigh stand notes
Nigh stand notes
Planner Post-its
Planner Post-its
Notebook Loose Papers
Notebook Loose Papers

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