Video Capture

This felt really bizarre. Thankfully the function was very discrete and this was something I could do publicly. I found that recording myself in public allowed me to forget the recording was even on. Although, I found it really hard to keep myself on social media long enough to truly capture what it is that I do. I usually get so bored of all the scrolling and liking. I find much more enjoyment in talking with people face to face rather than behind a screen. Aside from this, I noticed that I was clicking on a lot of feminist related things: reading elite daily, watching why I am a femme feminist rages, and the new music video “All About that Bass.” That’s a feminist anthem, right? It’s interesting. I noticed that through 45 minutes of looking at a screen I looked bored beyond my mind, and honestly I kind of did feel this way at the time. I only truly smiled once during the entire affair, and it was at this very moment:

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 9.54.50 PM

Watch the video here 


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