Test Proposal

I noticed that throughout my social media use I get really into likes. I like liking other peoples posts almost as much as I love getting likes on my own posts. I think it would be really fascinating to do a little more research on this aspect of my social media use. I would track the times I post things to see if time of day has to do with the kind of reception my posts receive. I will also track who’s pictures I am liking and exactly who is liking my picture. Are they close friends, family, people I don’t really know, or complete randos? I think this could be done in a spread sheet sort of manor. This way everything would be very quantitative. A lot of media research can be very qualitative but with quantitative research I think the results would be a lot more understandable. On the other end of the tests, my own personal liking would have to be tracked a little differently. I am thinking that keeping a log, similar to me media field notes, but more structured, is the best way to track this information. In this log I would track who’s post I liked, and why I liked the post, as well as what time of day I was liking the posts. This type of tracking would be more qualitative.

Who is liking my posts?
Who is liking my posts?
Tracking Instagram activity.
Tracking posting activity

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